The Lazys

The first time I saw the Australian Punk rock band, the Lazys was at The Blackheart in London a couple of days ago. They’ve been on tour mostly in Germany and Canada and apparently, they have a following in London. Someone said let’s go see this really cool Australian Punk Rock play tonight. For lack of anything better to do, I went and boy was I blown away!


Rock is a music about rebellion. It celebrates nonconformity, it’s loud it’s brash and unlike a lot of genres that have segued into self-important, bloated odes to making it, and riding off into the sunset in

Lambos (what has become of rock, rap and even soul music) punk rock is the only genre that still manages to rage against the realities of life. There are diluted forms out there and some really pop sounding bands. I get miffed when anyone who is anything less than hard core peddles their music as rock. I was pretty skeptical about a band that comes from Sydney, Australia – all I knew that city to be famous for is the Opera House. I was wrong on so many levels.


For a good 5 minutes I stood at the back of the crowd, unconsciously bobbing my head, cold beer in hand and just lost. The lead vocalist Leon Harrison took me on a trip, Matty Morris on lead guitar was a revelation. I didn’t know Australians could play drums like Andy Nielsen or bass and rhythm guitars like Glenn Williams and Liam Shearer. Where have these guys been all my life and why aren’t they big already? The punk rock snob in me was sold and I got totally lost in the music.


So who are these guys and where have they been all my life? The Lazys were formed in 2006 in Sydney Australia. They consist of band members Leon Harris on Vocals, Matty Morris on Lead Guitar, Glenn Williams on bass and Liam Shearer on rhythm guitar. So, they have been around for over a decade and they have had some success in Canada and in Germany where they take their Rock and Roll seriously. Judging by the heaving crowd that sang along to some of the music, they have been on the scene long enough to transcend borders, languages and cultures.


Their success has to do with how hard they have been pushing their music. They seemingly tour all the time and when they are not touring, they are working on new music. They self- released three EPs in four years before releasing their full length album, Prison Earth. They created such a buzz when they first appeared on the Canadian Music Week stage a couple of years later and caught the attention of a high- profile booking agent in North America. This led to collaborations with Billy Talent’s lead guitarist Ian D’Sa and producer GG Garth who has worked with the likes of Rage Against the Machine and Red Hot Chilli Peppers.


The collaboration culminated into the self- titled album in 2014 which was massively popular in Canada. “Black Rebel” and “Shake it like you mean it” co-written with D’Sa made it to the top of the charts. In 2017 D’Sa and the band continued their collaboration in creating their full album, Tropical Hazard released in 2018.

As I looked upon that stage, last weekend, I felt like I was seeing a new breed of rock and roll, one that wasn’t loud for the sake of being loud. It is real, it is brash, it’s the no nonsense-take-no prisoner sound that I like – can’t wait for their return to London. Rock on Lazys, Rock on!

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