You need to be pretty hot stuff to make it onto the pages of Rolling Stone or to score an interview with OneTeaspoon and RACKETT are exactly that, hot! This four member punk rock band from Sydney is blazing!

Rackett makes loud and experimental punk-rock with inspired guitar riffs and grungy lyrical delivery. They are loud and have the energy that would put the energiser bunny to shame and they happen to be girls! The punk-rock scene isn’t exactly full of all-women bands and it’s not like women have anything less to be pissed about. Making it in the punk rock scene is no easy feat. Getting a following and a fan base that will follow you on tour and throw themselves at your feet when you are on stage means you are that awesome and modesty aside ladies, who runs the world?…

In one year the quartet  comprising of vocalist, Rebecca Callander, guitarist Kat Ayala, Ally Gavin and Astrid Holz on bass and drums has taken the Australian Punk rock scene by storm. The four band members played with other bands for about a decade and met intermittently before they came together in 2017 to form Rackett. They were not going to be that obscure band that plays at the local club and never making it to the outside world. Rackett has been slaying the airways on community and commercial radio in Sydney since they got onto the scene. They have been playing in festivals, theatres all over Australia. They are known for their technical proficiency and skill which apparently comes from years of studying music and performance art at the Australian Conservatorium of Music and Berkley College of Music U.S.A.

Last year the band played a few notable festivals like Secret Garden Festival, The Blurst of Times, Mountain Sounds, Secret Garden Festival and the electric lady where Bec shaved her long blonde hair right on stage to the surprise of everyone, even her band mates. But then these guys are known for being unconventional and a little out there when on stage. They cite their most memorable experience as the time they opened for the legendary UK band, The Darkness. However, they have also supported the US, Bleached and shared the stage with notable Aussie bands like Abbe May, The Bennies, Sticky Fingers, DZ Deathrays and Stonefield.

When asked how she would describe the band style, vocalist, Bec Callander said in an interview that Rackett is the love child that The Spice Girls never had with Black Sabbath. They are an unapologetic feminine band with a playfull mischievous spirit the Spice Girls and the brash, brutal spirit of Black Sabbath.

Last year, the band released their EP “Ready or Not” which they took on the road. Songs like “Alive” and “Space Cadet” were hits. The latest single, “Prey” is sassy yet punchy with more sultriness than loud head-banging beats from their previous singles “Ready or Not” and “Bats.” Their latest offering is the much talked about single “prey” and its weird but impressively artistically styled video.

Rackett is currently on a promotional tour between June and July. They have gigs lined up in Sydney, Coogee, Manly, Melbourne , the Gold Coast, Wollongong, Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, Albury and Perth.

Rackett are on a roll, they have hit their stride and are happy as punch to be where they are. They are more focused, tighter still batty as hell and ready to take over Australia and the World.

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