As if the pop punk scene isn’t jam packed enough, let’s add another band into the mix. These ain’t like the rest however, they are probably some of the most memorable dudes to come out of Philadelphia in a long time. GrayScale are chilled guys who produce bloody good music.

They are super energetic so if you are a 2018 hipster gym bunny, they are well worth putting on your playlist. If we have to get into the logistics of the band, you can find Collin Walsh on lead vocals, Andrew Kyne on lead guitar and vocals, Nick Ventimiglia on bass, Nick Veno on drums and Dallas Molster on rhythm guitar and vocals. All the guys except Nick Veno have been playing together since they formed in Philadelphia way back in 2011. They are best buds as well as bandmates and this is clear to see if you watch them perform.

The music scene in philly can be more difficult to break into for less mainstream bands like GrayScale but they didn’t let this stop them.

Their no nonsense attitude throughout the years is what has gained them an army of fans in the USA and beyond. The boys were freshly in high school then they first came together as they did the cliche performing in their mom’s basement saga until they really found their sound. They didn’t release their first EP, titled “Change” until 2015 but it was definitely worth the wait. Until that point they were doing what they loved best, performing on stage, showing off their crazy personalities and rocking out with friends.

GrayScale have been lucky enough to share the stage with bands that they are actual fans of, mostly at festivals and other friggin awesome events. Some of these performers include Cute Is What We Aim For, Neck Deep, Seaway and many more. The band have so far released 2 albums, the most recent being Adornment which has some catchy hits that are annoyingly going to get stuck in your head all day.

Reading this, you might not considering yourself a Justin Bieber fan and who can blame you? Perhaps you’ll change your mind however when you hear the ‘Love Yourself’ cover that GrayScale actually made a music video for back in 2017.

Their raspy voices and the amazing instrumentals take this cheesy track to a brand new sarcastic level. They also bring a whole new hilarious meaning to the song and you will only get what this is by watching the video for yourself.

The guys are currently on a tour throughout America and if you consider yourself a fan of loud music and high energy performances, you could definitely do with attending one of their gigs, Check out their official tour dates right now and cross your fingers that they are in a town near you.

The world is full of boring, generic music and it’s cool bands like this that keep the genre of punk rock alive and well. Get your tickets today and celebrate being as weird as can be with the band that aren’t afraid themselves.

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