Fair Do’s, Manchester’s melodic hardcore rockers announced the release of their first full album: Leopards, a ten track album being released through Lockjaw Records on the 27th July, 2018. The band was formed in 2008 and they released the Trying Times in 2014 and swept through Europe. They’ve played major festivals and collaborating with some great bands like A Wilhelm Scream, The Decline, After The Fall and H2O.

We caught up with Fair Do’s to learn about the band, where they’ve been, what they’ve been doing since the release of their highly successful EP “Trying Times” and what they’ve put into the making of their new album Leopards.

#1. Thanks for taking time to talk to us! Tell us about how you guys met and started playing music together. How did you come up with the name for your band?

Dave and I met at college studying music which is where we started Fair Do’s, John and Josh were drafted in a little later and the rest is history, as they say! As for the name, it’s a term that has been used colloquially in the north of England for a while and, more recently, the rest of the country. Some people argue that there should be no apostrophe, but they are wrong!

#2. Do you think your overall sound has changed over the years?

I think the overall sound has been fairly unchanged, but everything has just gone bigger. Heavier breakdowns, bigger choruses, more ridiculous riffs, etc. The production on the new album is definitely on another level compared to our EP.

#3. How would you describe your music? What drives you to make the kind of music you make? Do you think this has changed in any way over the years?

Fast, metal influenced, melodic hardcore punk, or metally skatepunk. We just just love to play fast, shout about stuff that pisses us off and bang our heads. That’s all we’ve ever wanted to do.

#4. How do you think being from Manchester influences your music? What is the skate punk/ metal scene in Manchester like?

There are no other skatepunk bands in Manchester, but the music scene in general is Really strong and vibrant right now, more than I’ve ever seen it. So no real musical influence, but a sense of community that feels integral to everything we do.

#5. How would you say your new album is different or similar to any music you’ve put out there?

As above, just more of everything and wider ranging ideas. Lyrically this album is a step up from anything we’ve done before, there’s some important messages in there!

#6. Where did the inspiration for the songs in the album come from?

The absolute shit leopards of the world – there are many!

#7. How do you go about putting a track together? Do the lyrics come first or the melody?

Always guitars first! Vocal demoing starts on each track once the guitar pre production is done, with a midi drum accompaniment. I’ll usually have some solid ideas for vocal melodies, even sometimes as I’m writing a guitar riff, but it really starts taking shape as a song once I’ve got a set of lyrics to work with. John and Josh got stuck in with writing a good chunk of the lyrics and Dave is absolutely firing on all cylinders with guitars, so it’s been a good creative flow.

#8. It’s been four years since you released “Trying Times”, what have you been doing during all that time?

We spent a lot of time on demoing and pre production for this album, we wanted to have everything nailed down before we went into the studio. Essentially 2 years writing, 18 months recording and 6 months organising the release, with some touring in between.

#9. What ultimately got you into the studio to record this album?

A big red van!

#10. How do you feel you’ve grown with the creation of this album?

Outwards not upwards.

#11. Who did you work with on this album?

It was produced, engineered and mixed by Dave Boothroyd at Reel Recording Studio in York. We’ve worked with Dave in the past and he is an absolute master of his art, he knew exactly what we wanted and exactly how to deliver it.

Mastering was done by Daryl Phenneger over in Jacksonville Beach, Florida and he’s really made it sound huge, we couldn’t be happier! If you’re recording an album and want it clean, loud, crisp and popping, then talk to these guys.

#12. Can you talk about the making of your single “Closing In”.

Once upon a time on a frosty November morning in Lancashire, 4 hungover idiots dressed in onesies with their faces painted, pranced around the hills of Lancashire with a camera pointed at them! We shot and edited it ourselves with a little help from Cookie Love at Liberosis Body art. We got some funny looks from dog walkers and had kids waving at us from the bottom of the hill. Having my tear ducts paint was definitely not a highlight but it was pretty hilarious all in all.

#13. So you’ll be going on tour with this new album, any particular venues you are looking forward to playing?

We just did a short stretch in Belgium
and Germany including
absolutely amazing as always. We’re working on going to Japan early next year, there’s a few venues in the circuit over there I’m really hoping we can make it to!

#14. Is there anything else you would like to share about yourselves or your music?

Massive thanks to everyone who has already preordered Leopards and to the Lockjaw Records crew for looking after us and pushing us.

#15. Do you have any other special plans or projects for 2018?

We’re booking every free date we have around the UK for the rest of the year so tell your local promoters and catch at a dive near you.


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