Band Review: Body Type

Choosing a band name can be nerve wrecking, there is just so much to consider. you can be philosophical about it or you could just say fuck it, scribble whatever comes to mind pin the list of names you manage to come up on a wall and throw a dart. It could land on your cat’s Whiskers name or whatever. How body type came up with their name is anyone’s guess but it is a fucking good name, unique, unpretentious and does not have to be likened to some other band but that’s not important is it? The important thing is that this band is good. The fact that members of this Sydney Quartet only started playing professionally two years ago is unnerving.

If you have been slogging for years in your mother’s basement it seems unfair that someone who had just started to learn drums and another who was trying to teach……… For more, please download the app!

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